SStorage, the scalable cloud based disk emulator

SStorage is a scalable software meant to be used to replace a local disk with a cloud based storage with a very heavy focus on encryption and security.


SStorage puts a heavy emphasis on security by design, making even us unable to read the data you may save on our service.

  • 3 mode of authentication with cumulative factors
  • Encryption by design
  • Minimal attack surface


Performance is a very important metric in an application that takes a step into high grade security. It is all the more true when it is meant to replace a physical device with a logical one over a network.

  • Written carefully
  • Short code with focus on performance


A minimalistic API that allows implementation of custom storage types was a requirement for our software as we plan to support multiple operating systems as well as multiple workloads.

  • Open-source
  • Meaningful API that exposes the security features

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