Need our eyes? Ears? Hands?

Your software runs slow? You want an outside view on your project? You need some algorithmic magic in your team?

Software engineering

Your designs are important, but some decisions can inpact your software only years after. Maybe some fine tuning can prolongate your software life for a few more years?

  • Code review
  • Software design review
  • Bug fixing, performance hunting
  • Database migration

Scalability wizardry

Will it scale? Up to where? Let us lend an eye and we will inform you.

  • Vertical scalability, can you make it lock-free? Wait-free?
  • Horizontal scalability, can it scale out?

Specs and PoCs

Sometimes we don't know where to start, we will give you insight into how and if your idea will be plausible for the price you expected.

  • Specified, documented
  • Trying the gritty parts

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